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How this website is working?

This website is a "try before you buy" service that gives you the opportunity to try assets in the context of your project without having to buy it first. The Asset Store is not providing demo version of the assets like all other digital goods that you can purchase on the Internet. Worse, they have setup with the publisher a "no refund" policy so that if you buy something to test it and it is not working as intended, you are screwed, and Paypal will not refund no matter what.
Because of this, this website was created to provide in accordance to the fair use doctrine, a way to test assets before buying them.
In order to fight against copyright infringement, we have set a number of rules, to avoid people spreading these outside on the Internet. So here is how it is working

This place is a bartening place where you need to do something to have something else in exchange. Basically every file addition creates 1 credit. With this credit value you can download other's file. You can also write reviews to get more credits, comment as well. You can use these credits to tip and ask for a specific file in the reward area. Once 'rich' enough your rank get higher. Only Rank 1 and more can fully enjoy this website. Participation is the heart of this place. If you want to leech files you have many torrent places, this is not how it is working here. You should read the HOW page to get more detailed info.
Using this place is subject to a monthly fee that helps us to pay the bills, it is a closed club, and if you want to be part of it, you can contact us a at Discord where you can ask more questions there, and become a patron. Check the #general pinned message at the top right of the Discord interface and contact the Admin in private.

How the search is working?

The search is limited for any Rank <5. The library for optimization reason is limited to 20 answers for the non patron, and 50 answers for the patron. Sometime, there are +1000 answers possible. Rank >= 5 have access to the archive where they can browse the whole library. If you are lower than 5, then you can try to be precise in your search in order to get answers that are older and not displayed when browsing. By using the 2 search correctly, you will find that you can narrow search and find anything at great speed, without using complicated additional tags.

What formats are supported?

The Zip format is the standard format to upload anything. However there are exceptions. The PDF needs to be uploaded as .pdf and not zipped. The movies needs to be uploaded as .mp4 so that the player can play them on mobile and desktop. The RAR format is NOT accepted.
If you want to upload sounds and music, the best is to zip MP3. The Mp3 player will play the mp4, however if you use Wav for example, the player will not play them. Ogg format is also supported by the music player.

How I can get blocked or banned?

In order to keep this place clean, you will get banned if you do anything annoying or do not respect the rules. The rules are here. The most important rule is rule 10, that prohibit sharing our Assets outside of the community, so that we stay compliant with the copyright laws. We are actively monitoring where these assets are going and banning people who do not respect the rules.

Is this website secure?

Yes it is. More than other forums and wordpress. However you need to protect yourself if your government has laws that this website would eventually break. Use for example an unique nickname and don't use the same password than another website.
We do not save logs.
We do not save your password. We use a salk/hash code system. So no one even the webmaster of this website can help you to retrieve your password. Guessing your password from the hash code would require some specific expensive hardware and about 20 years of work with a brute force attack.

If an upload is interrupted, can I have a refund?

If you get banned, we will refund you latest contribution.

Also because we know that sometime internet is a bitch we have a system to compensate. If you downloaded a file, you can re-download at no cost for a limited time. The time is set by the webmaster and currently you can download the same file 5 times in a 01 days 07:01:05 period of time. If you download 01 times the same file in this period of time, it will be accounted 1 time only.

Can I pay to have a higher rank

Yes of course: since this event, this commnunity shares the cost of its development and maintenance. To have more info check the pinned message in the #general channel at DiscordAPP.

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