DOTween Pro

Dotween is a tweening library, it allows you to easily create tweens for movement, fading, rotations etc. this is a great asset for every game developer out there. pros * you can animate anything with this. You can even draw, animate paths. * you don't have to use unity's built-in animator more.

Hiring a pixel artist to make custom characters for your games is very expensive. I know that artists spend lot of time and effort on their art, but getting a full set of characters for your rpg can cost thousands of dollars! Considering that you probably don't want to spend months of your salary on artwork, premade packs are the way to go. more.
Naninovel — Visual Novel Engine

Visual novels are a tricky medium, because despite appearances, a lot of work actually goes toward programming one. Naninovel attempts to simplify this process, creating an engine that's focused on writers. personally, i felt the engine had a slight learning curve, but was easy to pick up and run with it. My favorite part is t more.
I bought this one from unity asset store, because i am creating a swiping game that uses card system. there's a lot of shader editor in asset store, and one that win unity asset awards 2017, amplify shader editor. but that asset is mostly focused on 3d model while shadero is mostly 2d. This one is quite popular too. more.
Flight Kit

This asset is a very good pack and well suited for making flying games out of it. It contains a well-rounded assortment of art, models, custom shaders and materials, music and a ready to use controller. also included are a basic main menu and playing scene. The gameplay scene contains mechanics for flying, landing and collecting i more.
Amplify Shader Editor

This asset is amazing and it's well documented so easy to learn. many ask why spend so much money on a shader editor? First, programming shaders aren't easy, i have tried it but it's just too hardcore for me and it takes a lot of time and practice to master and even optimize your own handwritten shaders. With amplify more.
UMotion Pro - Animation Editor

Umotion pro animation editor is in every way a milestone in animation and should be the new standard. this is rock solid software. Far better engineering that unity itself. It is incredibly detailed, highly-developed software. "full-featured" in terms of ux and animation engineering. Umotion has a remarkably low price fo more.
I've been looking a long time for an inventory system, and i finally found this gem. At first, i was skeptical about the price tag, and after wasting money on a few failed assets, i was reluctant to take any chances. however, this package offers more than just an inventory system, it comes with a complete vendor system; armor more.
Vegetation Studio

Vegetation studio is an awesome suite of tools that allow you to populate any size and number of terrains with grass, trees, vegetation and whatever else you like. It works a bit differently than most other tools of this kind. instead of painting in vegetation with brushes, or placing it manually, you set up rules that generate t more.
UMotion Pro - Animation Editor

You know, i had a background of animation development before i get involved with unity, both were and are hobby but, the day i moved away from mocap and motion builder and i started working with unity, i thought to myself "just great, no more fiddling with key frames, mocap data, to hell with ik!" but.... the more time passed, the more.
Unka the Dragon

When ever i play skyrim, battling a dragon, i always feel like unity lacks a good dragon asset, up until now, i saw two different sets of dragon assets, one is a pbr character, but this one, wow, just mind blowing, the ability to change the looks of each dragon using few sliders, being able to change the color of each part separately by sliders, no more.
If you want to make a low-poly game, it can be definitely a good candidate for your manual plant selection. there are ready prefabs which they look cute and can be used simply. there are plenty of bushes, trees, palm trees, rocks, cactuses, flower buckets and potted plants. there are a separate textures folders which more.
xARM: Aspect and Resolution Master

No more disappointments when you build your game and you end up seeing your uis not placed on where it should be placed because of the difference of screen aspect ratio, dpis, and resolution. this is such a really great tool for mobile game developers as it instantly enables them to see what their game will actually look like on the device, more.
3D Scifi Base Vol 1

I must say i really hate most `packages` in the asset store as they always have a lot of bad stuff, either poorly packaged, undocumented, some assets are not working correctly on import (e. G shaders hence having pink materials in models), and a lot more horrible stuff. What`s more is that most of these packages are priced so high that you regret b more.
Octave3D-Level Design

octave3d brings a lot of features that makes level creation and object placements in unity very fun and intuitive. this tool also supports brushes and object snapping that helps developers focus more on the design and artistic aspect of game game creation rather than worryin the technical side of it. the custom editor is very more.
This pack is definitely a great solution for anyone looking to build a simplified game based on cartoon style. The models are very well balanced, combining with each other and not leaving that feeling that `this piece does not belong to this place`. The package is made with passion. Usefull for different game genres and a seamless integration with more.