xARM: Aspect and Resolution Master

No more disappointments when you build your game and you end up seeing your uis not placed on where it should be placed because of the difference of screen aspect ratio, dpis, and resolution. this is such a really great tool for mobile game developers as it instantly enables them to see what their game will actually look like on the device, ...read more.
3D Scifi Base Vol 1

I must say i really hate most `packages` in the asset store as they always have a lot of bad stuff, either poorly packaged, undocumented, some assets are not working correctly on import (e. G shaders hence having pink materials in models), and a lot more horrible stuff. What`s more is that most of these packages are priced so high that you regret b ...read more.
Octave3D-Level Design

octave3d brings a lot of features that makes level creation and object placements in unity very fun and intuitive. this tool also supports brushes and object snapping that helps developers focus more on the design and artistic aspect of game game creation rather than worryin the technical side of it. the custom editor is very ...read more.
This pack is definitely a great solution for anyone looking to build a simplified game based on cartoon style. The models are very well balanced, combining with each other and not leaving that feeling that `this piece does not belong to this place`. The package is made with passion. Usefull for different game genres and a seamless integration with ...read more.
80s Shoot`em Up Kit

Tested with the unity version 2017. 0. 3 and works without any type of error. 80s shoot em up kit is ideal for the creation of any type of retro 2d style spaceship game. If you have always dreamed of making a gradius style game, r-type, etc. This is your asset. Easy to configure and compatible to make a pc / mobile game. ...read more.
Compound Collider Generator

After many positive reviews for very good assets, this is the first time i take the time to actually review a bad asset. it sometimes happens that assets are outdated or simply not skillfully done but this asset is next to worthless. i went in thinking that, given a mesh, it would `generate` the colliders automatically. Tha ...read more.
Redwood Forest

This is the second terrain asset i have tested i must say i am impressed with the quality right out the box. loading the default map i started to play with the post processing and i was amazed that by increasing the fog settings removing the directional light i got a very good looking creepy/horror look consisting of dark woods & t ...read more.
In the past, i had my own `indie` way to distribute new versions and patches, which was simply to rebuild everything and be done with it. after having started using patch, the flow and the process behind releasing new versions, patching and updating my games became much more `professional`. the asset is quite easy to use and it is s ...read more.
Hierarchy Plus

What a brilliant asset! `hierarchy plus + note / highlight / selection` sits perfectly over the quite user-friendly and intuitive unity editor and makes it pop up back to life. the package nicely adds automatic highlighting, tagging and icons for all the default components. Each game object can be customized individually for its use ...read more.
Auto Version Number

I gave this asset a try just for fun and i found myself quite surprised to actually end up using it in my project. versioning is a `good-to-have` but that usually comes either when you want to finally reach the fabulous `v1. 0. 0` or when you have already released. for me, i would usually just manually update the version number when ...read more.
Panoply: Comics & Splitscreen for Unity

As someone interested in adding comics as a way to tell stories in unity in a different way, this asset made it extremely easy and fast to achieve just that. the demo scene is pretty easy to analyze and the asset provides a lot of useful features to make the comics come to life. i was personally interested in being able to ...read more.
Good horse and rider animation with built in controls. It provides both controls for pc and mobile. Code is optimized and supports mobile platform. I used it in previous project. Horse jumping is also good in it. Tutorial is provided and integration is easy try it if you want realistic rider and horse animation. it`s a very good package wit ...read more.
Rainbow Folders

Rainbow folders is a little nice package which does exactly what it promises to do: a super simple way to beautify the folders in your project view. That`s it. But boy if it does it well! once installed, the package goes into the plugin folder and it works right out of the box. It allows to easily select colors, default icons or ev ...read more.
Emerald AI 2.0

Emrald ai is one of the most easy and advanced ai which i used in previous project with realistic fps prefabs. And the best thing is it supports all most all the major shooting assets. This ai is smooth and optimized for mobile devices. Character rigging is easy. Just click on character and add emrald ai to it. You can give different attack and run ...read more.
Simple High-End Mobile Shaders

I have used this asset for my mobile projects (specially mirror effects) and they work good. It may not drop your fps if you do not use very high resolution for the reflections. I may suggest to use reflections (for example floor reflection for a car, like in the demo of the package) with a lower resolution and some blur on it. It gives you beautif ...read more.
A good asset. I tested it on building a house with quest rooms. The quest of the game, which got out of control, as in one movie this year. Blanks of elements and triggers can be easily assembled into one mechanism. Helps save a lot of time and money. Convenient and versatile in use. Different options for locking doors and interactions with objects ...read more.